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Photo courtesy Robert VanderzweerdeThe facilities at a Skyline Hikers camp consists of:

sleeping tents: prospector style tents that sleep 2 - 4 individuals, that come with a wood buring heater and 3-inch sleeping foam pads. Participants bring their own sleeping bag and moisture-resistant ground sheet to place under foam pad.

dining tent: contains kitchen and dining hall with bush-camp style tables and seating.

"donut" tent: used for meetings/briefings and evening entertainment, with campfire in center (smoke escaping through hole in top center, hence term "donut").

washup tents: male and female, with hot water made available at scheduled times throughout the day.

for 2017 only, we can offer flush toilets and hot showers

electrified fence: surrounds perimeter of camp site to keep unwelcome visitors at bay.

Why doesn't my tent have a floor?

In cooperation with Parks Canada, we work to ensure that our camps have the least possible impact on the wilderness environment. We use a waste-water filtering system and manage garbage so that nothing is left behind, and we set up the camp to minimize damage to the delicate mountain plants. Open floored tents allow the plants to breathe and to recover between camps, while a plastic ground sheet has little effect and is sufficient to keep your bed dry.

Camp Staff

To provide an enjoyable wilderness camp experience for participants, each of the five annual camps has the following in-camp staff.

Camp Host / Hostess: in charge of all inside camp perimeter activities, including liaising with hired staff on issues and problems raised by participants.

Chief Leader: in charge of all outside camp perimeter activities, including the hike programme.

Camp Medic: takes care of medical needs of participants.

Camp Musician: provides the musical entertainment and accompaniment.

Hired staff: experienced cooks and camp handyman provided by the outfitter.


Hearty, hot breakfast and dinner is served each day in camp. Bag lunches provided for the day hikes. Special dietary needs can be accommodated, but such requirements must be identified at time participant registers for camp.

Camp Etiquette

To ensure the enjoyment and safety of all hikers:

  • Meal and hot water times are posted.
  • Outfitters area is off limits except at tea and meal times.
  • Please attend the “donut” for information regarding the next day’s hikes, etc.
  • Consider your tent-mates in our shared accommodations.
  • 11:00 PM - quiet time. Stay in the donut to sing or talk after 11.00 PM.
  • No intoxicants in the dining or donut tents please but you are welcome to join the Happy Hour Group “by the stream” where you can indulge in a before and/or after dinner drink or two.
  • Be considerate of other hikers or staff.

Problems? Please contact the camp host (not the outfitter or his staff).

Emergency Satellite Phone

For 2017 only, there is cell phone service at camp.

We will have radios and a satellite phone to provide safety services on the trail.

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